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Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering

Hiba, Chris and Tiffany demo programming and how it connects Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Computer Science and Computer Security

Dennis and Utkarsh take a create problem solving approach to Computer Science and Computer Security.

Digital Media

Learn how to create your first 3D animation with Bartu.

Geomatics Engineering, Earth & Atmospheric Science – Geomatics Science

Get your crash course in GPS with Lex; learn how Geomatics connect to everyday life – from disease tracking, to location-based games.

Earth & Atmospheric Science – Atmospheric Science

Rhythm builds cloud in a bottle and shares her passion for chasing weather.
Bonus: Mini Talk by Prof. Yongsheng Chen on Air-Planet-People.

Space Engineering, Earth & Atmospheric Science – Space Science

Michelle gives us an sneak peek into the world of space mission design.
Bonus: Mini Talk by Prof. Mike Daly on Space Exploration.

Civil Engineering

Ginelle guides us in discovering Civil Engineering and all its applications – smart cities, environment, water, structures, transportation and more.
Bonus: Mini Talk by Prof. Stephanie Gora on Water Resources Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Learn about the Engineering Design process as Maaz and Satvik teach us how to make paper planes.

Co-op & Work-Integrated Learning

All you need to know about Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning from our Co-op team.
Bonus: Mini Workshop by alumna Simran on Getting Started with LinkedIn.