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Degree Program Terms & Conditions

Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies

Degree Program Terms & Conditions
Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies

The terms and conditions provide a summary of the planned content, schedule, and responsibilities of the Student for the successful completion of Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies Program.

If you would like to meet with a Lassonde representative to review and discuss this document, please use this booking page to schedule an online appointment with Marily Molina, Business Development Manager, Digital Technologies Program, Lassonde School of Engineering.  Alternatively, you can email Marily at
Upon admission and throughout involvement with this Program, I: 
  1. will comply with the guidelines, policies and procedures applicable to a Student as provided by the Program, as outlined in this document; as well as, York University's Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities and Senate Policy on Academic Honesty, and in the event of any conflict between this Agreement and such University policies, the University policies will prevail. 
  2. will represent the Program, Lassonde School of Engineering, and York University and will conduct myself in a professional, ethical, and legal manner in all my interactions with my Employer and the Program. 
  3. will communicate and interact with the Program staff, instructors, and Employers in a timely, respectful, professional manner, including attending meetings, appointments, and interviews on time and as scheduled. 
  4. will keep my contact information up to date within the York Student Information System.  
  5. will notify Lassonde School of Engineering and/or York University immediately in the event of any incident occurring during my enrolment in the Program, including related to my health, well-being, academic experience and/or work experience. 
To maintain eligibility, I will:
  1. continuously meet the academic requirements including required Grade Point Average (GPA), Full-time student status with the University, and Honours Standing within the Program.   
  2. sign a separate contract of employment with the Employer and provide a copy of the signed job offer to the Program along with the supervisor’s contact details and/or Human Resources contact. 
  3. verify the Employment contract meets the following criteria: 
    • a minimum of 35 hours per week, full-time status, 
    • a minimum duration of 12 months, and  
    • must include at least 20% release time for off-the-job learning, involving: 
      • one half-day per week for course work,  
      • 6 blocks of 1-week per academic year, and  
      • 3-week foundation block at the beginning of the first year. 
    • compensation and employment terms comply with both the Employment Standards Act and the provincial minimum wage standard in effect. 
  4. complete the Employer required training for onboarding which may include Health and Safety, Computer Setup, IT Security Expectations, Software Tools Use and Expectations, Company’s Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment, Security Onboarding, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and other training specific to my role. 
  5. immediately notify Lassonde School of Engineering if my Employer fails to: 
    • provide appropriate supervision to support, encourage, monitor and train to develop skills and make meaningful contributions to the workplace. ​ 
    • participate in on-going performance reviews and provide feedback on a regular basis to facilitate learning and development. ​ 
    • read through the academic reflection reports before I submit them to the University to ensure compliance with the Employer’s confidentiality policy and guidelines.​  
Workplace Portfolios 
  1. Program Participants meet academic learning outcomes of the Program by demonstrating their learning on the job. These outcomes are assessed by professors based on a portfolio of Participants’ workplace activities. 
  2. Unless otherwise specified in writing by the Employer, these portfolios must be treated as confidential. 
  3. I understand and acknowledge that workplace managers will review the contents of the portfolios before they are released to the University for evaluation.  
  4. Portfolio approval by the Employer will not be unreasonably withheld. If concerns arise, I will notify my instructor or the Professional Skills Coach so that the Employer, the Program and I can work together to develop collaborative solutions.      
In continued commitment to work and study responsibilities, I will:  
  1. complete the contract of employment with commitment and responsibility and follow the performance standards of the Program and the employment position. 
  2. fulfill the attendance requirement for on-campus and on the job learning as scheduled by the University and complete all required coursework, including:  
    • notifying both the University and Employer immediately of any absence from the University or workplace, planned or unplanned. 
    • requesting permission from both, the Employer and the Program, prior to taking any holiday during the academic and work period. 
  3. always adhere to all relevant health and safety requirements at the workplace and in learning environments; notifying my Employer/instructor of any reportable incidents as soon as possible. 
  4. communicate regularly with the Employer, and Program Staff to seek feedback, monitor progress and discuss any challenges.  
  5. maintain non-disclosure and confidentiality requirements of the Employer as well as York University.
Regarding sharing of student information with the Employer, I: 
  1. will keep the Employer informed about my academic standing and will share the workplace performance reports as required 
  2. will keep the University informed about my performance in the workplace.  
  3. consent to the release of applicable personal data to my Employer for the purpose of management and administration of the Program, such as details on attendance, progress, or any issues arising during the Program with my EmployerYork University will always process any personal information in accordance with the Guidelines on Access to Student Records and Protection of Privacy. 
Student Workplace Conduct and Performance: Dispute Resolution 
The Employer and the Program will continuously work together to facilitate Student’s performance and wellbeing at the workplace.  In the event of any concerns, the protocol below will be followed: 
  • The party learning of the concern will immediately notify the other parties. 
  • Any such concern will be dealt with by the Employer or the Program (as applicable) in accordance with the applicable policies, regulations, and procedures. 
  • The parties will collaborate to develop a solution in a timely manner. Wherever possible, the wellbeing of the Student will be paramount and the removal of the Student from their work term will be used as a last resort.  If the Student wishes to inquire or appeal the recommendation or decision, they can discuss the matter with the Program.  
  • In developing a solution, the Parties will endeavour to apply the appropriate principles, i.e., employment issues will be generally determined in accordance with the Employer’s policies, and academic issues will be generally determined in accordance with the University’s policies, adapted as required to support the unique nature of the Program. 
  • If the Student has a complaint of a non-academic nature relating to their workplace, such a complaint shall be referred to the Employer. 
For greater clarity, York University’s involvement in crafting a solution will be for the purpose of ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of the Student and ensuring the efficient administration of its relationship with the Employer but will not be deemed to be an admission of assumption of responsibility.  
Intellectual Property 
  1. It is my responsibility to know about the Employer’s policy about Intellectual Property Rights. 
  2. I agree that any intellectual property rights created by me during the hours I am contracted to work for the Employer and while I am working on Employer business related activities shall belong to the Employer.  
About ending employment contract early, I understand that:  
  1. my job offer contains the terms related to termination of employment.   
  2. should I decide to discontinue my participation in the Digital Technologies Program for any reason, it is my responsibility to consult with York University prior to taking such action. Ending the employment contract without consulting with York University could result in my ineligibility to continue in the Program.  
  3. should I decide to end the contract with the Employer after consulting York University, I shall provide written notice as per the conditions of my job offer  
  4. if the work period is interrupted by an emergency beyond the control of the Program, or Student, or Employer, the Program will support me to get back on track.
To support successful completion of my Program, York University will:  
  1. before the commencement of the Program: 
    • provide access to or a copy of all the Program requirements, policies and procedures applicable to both the on-the-job learning and the off-the-job learning. 
    • provide an orientation to onboard the Program. Topics include evaluation guidelines, required forms, and the goals and learning outcomes for the Program.  
  2. provide me access to University services such as academic advising, student counselling services, careers guidance etc. 
  3. provide a dedicated point of contact to support me and my Employer. 
  4. lead the facilitation of the work term review process with my Employer and me.  The format can involve face-to-face, telephone and/or web-based meetings.  The goal is to gather feedback on progress to track program milestones as well as to discuss and address performance or access enhanced learning opportunities. 
  5. verify my attendance and participation to meet the off-the-job requirements.  
  6. enable the Employer’s and my participation in course feedback, impact assessment and evaluation to support the continuous improvement of the Program. 
Job Offer Upload

Effective Date
I have read the above terms and conditions along with annexures and understand that if I fail to comply with any of the above regulations throughout the duration of my degree, my status in the Program will be reviewed and I will potentially be ineligible to continue in the Program.  
understand and accept all the terms and conditions outlined in this document. 

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