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from all of us at the Lassonde School of Engineering

Getting Started at Lassonde

This is your Lassonde Starter Pack – the info you need to decide if our School is the right place for you.

We’ve put this all together to help you learn more about us and the programs and experiences we offer.

Find out why we ❤  our School.

Discover Lassonde

Find out more about our School and the programs we offer to help you choose your passion

Your First-Year

A sample first-year schedule to give you an idea of what you’ll do while you’re here

Next Steps

Your itinerary of what to do next, whether you’re ready to join Lassonde or still want to discover more

Lassonde Guide

Quick-start your Lassonde experience using this guide built by our students

Go From Creative to Creator

Engineers and scientists are the creators who turn ideas into reality.

At Lassonde, we are fiercely committed to creating positive change for our students, our communities, and the world around us by empowering creators to put ideas into action that push the world forward.

We take abstract ideas and seemingly impossible problems and create practical solutions and design things that have never been made before.

Your Next Steps

Accept Your Offer

Once you’ve decided that our School is right for you, accept your offer of admission through MyFile

Book your Enrolment Appointment

Enrol in your courses with other new Lassonde students.

Join the Lassonde Community

Connect with us in Discord

Complete Lassonde Academy

An online learning experience designed to boost your skills

Join Us in the Lassonde Community

We’ve made a place to help you discover if our School is your School.

Home to alumni, students and admissions experts, the Community can help you discover what it’s like to be part of our community and our School.

In the Lassonde Community, our students and profs host weekly webinars and design + build sessions covering a variety of topics including co-op, admissions, programs and extracurricular activities that will be available to you, if you choose to join our School.

  Connect with us in the Lassonde Community

It’s in the Guide

Created by Lassonde students, the Lassonde Guide will help you get know us better – from experiences like co-op and international travel to advise on getting on campus or what laptop you’ll need.

We hope you love it!

Download the Starter Guide (PDF)

Get Ready with Lassonde Academy

We want you to be successful in your Lassonde studies, and we believe our numerous supports are one of the things that make Lassonde special.

You don’t need to wait until fall for this support to begin – start with Lassonde Academy this Summer!

Lassonde Academy is an online learning environment designed to boost your skill and confidence in the maths & sciences. You’ll also enhance your learning skills for online courses

Find Out More

Your First Year

Take a peek at a sample first-year schedule for each of our programs. As part of your Bootcamp & enrolment session, you will work directly with a personal advisor to design a schedule that fits you.

Your First Year

Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning

Enhance Your Lassonde Experience

Paid work placements with employers in Canada and around the world – 4, 8, or 12-month terms – available in all of our programs.

All Lassonde co-op and internship positions are paid full-time employment. Last year, our students earned an average salary rate of $24+ CAD which goes a long way to help pay for school.

Explore Your Passion

Dive deeper into each of our programs including info on courses you’ll take, employment opportunities and more.

Learning and Student Spaces

Take your own self-guided experience to learn more about Lassonde. We’ve created a playlist with selected videos featuring some of our favourite spots on our campus.

  • Caitlyn (Earth & Atmospheric Science) invites you to one of our classrooms
  • Dylan (Earth & Atmospheric Science) joins us from our student club hub
  • Explore our prototyping spaces with Satvik (Mechanical Engineering)
  • A learning space out of this world with Michelle (Space Engineering)
  • Chris (Electrical Engineering) takes a mini-multi-lab tour
  • Dive deep into our Environmental Teaching Lab with Raafat (Civil Engineering)

Take an On Campus Tour

Visit our home, the Bergeron Centre, and our other engineering and science spaces. Our student ambassadors will take you on a tour of some of their favourite spots on our campus.

Limited spots are available for our summer tours, so sign up soon!

Take a Guided Tour of Our Spaces and Places

We’ve got a Podcast

Hosted and produced by our students, Tiffany and Utkarsh, you can look forward to insightful conversations that you won’t want to miss. Tune in and hear all about how Lassonde is making an impact and finding solutions to complex problems.

Get the inside scoop about life at Lassonde!

Start Listening!

Have a question?

No problem! The best place to reach us is in the Lassonde Community – our students and student service team are available to help. You can also reach us at